Creating a Cabin House for Games in Blender

File Types: mp4
Duration: 20 hours
Software: Blender, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, UE4

Are you heaving trouble finding the right course that will teach you all the skills needed to create a game environment from start to finish using blender and unreal engine 4? Then look no further because this course is for you!

Duration: 20 Hours
Software: Blender, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, UE4

Creating Game Environment in Blender 3D

Learning about creating a game environment in blender 3D has multiple pros. Many of the software is in use. More commonly they are blender, substance designer, substance painter, and UE4. Having a strong grip on the mentioned software is enough to ace in creating a blender game environment.

Process of Creating

You starts from very basic concepts. It will begin with modeling followed by texturing and then placing those objects in a specific scene.

Here is an option to export and import those gaming objects or assets. Some of the game engines with open sources can also go along well with those assets. All of the powers of blender 3D are explored while thinking about creating a low poly blender game environment.

Here is a detailed description.

How to Begin Creating Blender Game Environment?

The process of creating a blender game environment is not that simple. Here is a series in which it is learned.

  • Knowing the Basic Concepts

If the artists are beginners, it is necessary to know about all the technical terminologies of the game. Firstly, grasping the difference between low poly and high poly assets is important. Knowing which game to work on from the start is also important.

There is also the need to understand the basic concepts of blender 3D and its features along with the installation process. Although it is very basic and background information, but it is necessary.

  • Learning Tools

The next step is to learn about the tools with which the creation of a game environment begins. Followed by those methods that enhance the game environment in the blender. One of the most basic features in this regard is color fundamentals.

  • Game Assets

Learning about the import and export of the game assets in detail is crucial at this level. Knowing about evaluating engines of all the available games is of great significance.

So, after this artist would be able to feel confident enough and using the blender efficiently for creating low poly games. Working with blender tools repeatedly will make the artists have a profound understanding of all the features of the blender.

Importance of Learning

After thorough learning of the creating blender game environment, many new doors for opportunities will open up. Creating fantastic video games will feel like a dream come true to many after a rigorous learning process. Many of the commercial and independent projects can be done by learning blender techniques

Final Thoughts

Having hands-on blender 3D software along with some knowledge about game design will prove very much fruitful. Otherwise, here is everything you need to know about blender 3D and the work performed through it.