Complete ZBrush Sculpting Bundle

File Types: mp4, other
Duration: 25 hours
Software: ZBrush

Discover ZBrush Courses! This is the ultimate FlippedNormals Sculpting Bundle! It contains all of our most popular sculpting tutorials. You’ll get a really solid understanding of the human form, how to sculpt and how to work with ZBrush.

Duration: 25 Hours

How to Sculpt Creatures in Zbrush?

There is a lot more to creature sculpting Zbrush. Designing sculpts, textures and making the complete model from start to end. The sculpt passes from series of stages like sketching, modeling, texturing, and then rendering. Learning the main concepts of all these functions is the cornerstone of creating sculpture Zbrush.

Process of Creature Sculpting Zbrush

Let’s dive deeper into the details of creating sculpts Zbrush.

Before that, everyone needs to find a source of inspiration for the creature sculpting Zbrush. Keeping on adding new sources of your inspiration to the sculpt will make it more unique.

  • Start from a Sphere

Begin creature sculpting Zbrush from a simple sphere. Then head on towards adding more details and division of levels to the sculpt. Although, detailing shall not be the focus at this initial stage. Trying your level best for creating a sculpt that resembles very closely the actual image.

The basic sketching will make the overall design look better. Just two low-res polygons will play their part at this stage. After this, the time arrives for finalizing the base mesh. There is no need to push and pull the geometry hardly.

  • Working on Sub-division Levels

Now that the initial level has been done, we will start by creating features of the face with the help of a clay brush. Before heading on to the sculpt finer. It yet of very low res but it suits fit for making foundations of the face. Before adding any new level to the subdivisions make sure that all the angles are taken into view.

Looking for the different angles will clear all the ambiguities that how a particular shape will look from another angle.

While going to add more sub-division levels, it is also fine enough to keep the resolution low while focusing on other parts and not push or pull the geometry.

Fleshing out all the minor shapes and details at this level with the help of clay and a standard brush is good to go. Another level of subdivision is refining the face. Be very sure that if you want to change some of the features of the sculpted form or there is a need to remain them as they are.

  • Detail Pass and Refining

Now that a pretty dense mesh is formed it is time to give it a finishing look. Now is the time to sculpt features of the nose, eyes, and wrinkles to give the sculpt a more realistic look.

Giving a final look to the creature sculpting Zbrush depends totally on the artist, as many of them want to make it in close resemblance with the reference image.

All this procedure is followed by painting texture and color coating for a final look.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, the same process is applied for creature sculpting in Zbrush irrespective of men, women, facial features, filming, and gaming. It will be clear that which kind of sculpting is considerably hard, and which is easy to deal with.