Elevate Your Design with 3D Border Trim Brushes



Explore the artistic possibilities with the comprehensive 3D Border Trim Brush collection. These 62 unique brushes are essential for designers and 3D artists seeking to add intricate details to their creations.

High-Quality and Detail-Oriented

Each brush in the 3D Border Trim Brush set is designed for high-resolution output, offering 4k resolution and 16-bit depth in Alphas. This guarantees exceptional detail and quality in every project.

Seamless Integration

Enjoy the flexibility of using these 3D Border Trim Brushes across various 3D software platforms. The collection includes models in multiple formats, compatible with a wide range of tools and applications.

3D Border Trim Brushes: Enhancing Efficiency

Designed for both beauty and functionality, these 3D Border Trim Brushes are ready for immediate use in your projects. They can be easily subdivided for more complex designs, offering both versatility and efficiency.

ZBrush: A Perfect Match

For ZBrush users, these 3D Border Trim Brushes are optimized for use with ZBrush 2022.0.5 and above, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced functionality within the ZBrush environment.

Comprehensive Package: 3D Border Trim Brush Collection

This all-inclusive package features 62 3D models, 62 4k Alphas, 62 ZBrush Roll Brushes, and 62 preview images, making the 3D Border Trim Brush set a must-have for any 3D artist or designer.

Transform Your Art with 3D Border Trim Brushes

Discover the full potential of your 3D projects with these versatile and high-quality 3D Border Trim Brushes. Suitable for professionals and enthusiasts alike, this collection is a pivotal addition to your 3D toolkit.

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